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Cat Hoteru   ねこ ホテル.  

Be relieved with a cattery service by “Cat Hoteru”, let your dearest cat enjoy our separated rooms and homes, whilst no encaging. Each home will be let out to relax individually, as we do not let cats from all houses out together at the same time.

facebook/  Line : @CatHoteru 


Special offer! Monthly stay with a discount of
“more than 60%”



โรงแรมแมว, รับฝากแมว

Cat hotel, cattery

Kindly read the below information before making your reservation. 


Cat Hoteru would like to explain the term ‘closed system’ for better clarification, which is one of our important terms for taking care of your cat. A ‘closed system’ here means keeping the cat inside the house only. For owners who allow their cats to be outside the house, such as in the garden or in the backyard, this is called a ‘semi-closed system’. Please check for fleas/ticks, and soil/sand grimes on your cat before bringing to Cat Hoteru. If fleas/ticks are found we shall not take your cat in any condition, and finding another cattery would be your responsible. Therefore, please make sure well beforehand to save your time.This is for the safety of “all” the cats that we cater. We do not accept ‘open system’ cats such as allowing them to be outside the house, walk in the lanes, etc.



Please keep in mind that illness and death are risks for keeping your cat at a cattery. We declare that we will not be responsible for any loss, because we screen and select our customers carefully so that your cat will not get to mingle with the cats of other customers at all​

In case your cats become ill during their stay at Cat Hoteru, we will inform you immediately and we are available to take your cat to the vet throughout 24 hours (vet and treatment charges are to be paid by customers).

- If your cat is infected with viral disease, we will inform you to take your cat back immediately.

- If you abandon your cat, we will take actions according to the law and jurisdiction.

- In case of additional stay/continuation, the customer must enquire for room availability with Cat Hoteru and if there is, customer must make the payment beforehand.

*** Once your cat has checked in at Cat Hoteru, it is understood that you have agreed to all our terms and conditions. ***

No fleas/ticks,
if found your cat will not be accepted to stay at all.

*Please check carefully before coming to us.

Do not carry your cats in arms !!!

(please bring them in a closed basket or bag)

We do not allow you to play with cats in the other rooms

(please do not tap the glass of other rooms)

Guests with no prior booking will not be allowed to enter the hotel.

Please specify an exact time (not in the morning, afternoon or evening)

Kindly specify a time period within 1 hour such as between 11.00am-12.00pm

*Please be punctual with the appointed time. If there would be any changes, kindly inform us beforehand. Within the working hours of 10.00-20.00, customers can check in - out or visit us to see the rooms.

PS. We live at this building as well, therefore only customers with prior appointment will be allowed to enter.

Money transfer for reservation only.

A telephone conversation is considered as rooms’ status enquiry, not a reservation. Confirm reservation by transferring 100% payment of total stay only. No deposit. 100% refund on cancellation at least 15 days before check-in date.

Please make payment for reservation to

Kasikorn Bank account no. : 908-206-3991

Inform your transaction to Line ID Cat-hoteru

Reservation documents include a copy of owner’s passport/ID and vaccine book of your cat.

Bring your own food and sand 

(we provide a bowl and a sand tray)

Has received basic vaccines and has no infectious diseases.

Cats of closed system only (living only inside the house).

Regulations for our cattery

โรงแรมแมว, รับฝากแมว

Google map 

โรงแรมแมว, รับฝากแมว


โรงแรมแมว, รับฝากแมว


Getting to Cat Hoteru

Please click the icon below to find a link for Google Map and our area map. 

You can take the following routes by road;
Vibhavadi, Ramintra, and Phahon Yothin coming towards “Bang Khen Monument” and take the “Saphan Mai” road. Keep coming straight, you will see Lotus department store on your right, and straight further you will see Big C department store and Central General Hospital. Take a U-turn in front of the hospital. 

And then >> turn left into the hospital << once you are in the hospital, reduce your speed, within 5 meters you will notice a small lane (there will be a food shop and fruit stall) Take the right turn, the building will be on your “right” with the sign in front of the building. You can park your car at the parking with no traffic cones or other obstacles. Kindly do not replace the cones of other residences.

PS. There will be a lot of cars during weekdays, where finding parking space will be difficult. 

Our room pictures, sizes and rates

โรงแรมแมว, รับฝากแมว
Standard room

Standard Room

Room size 1.2*1.5m (we have 10 rooms)

Rate 350 baht/night  for 2 Guest (your cats only)

+ 1 guest charge 80 baht/guest  

Maximum 3 Guests

โรงแรมแมว, รับฝากแมว
Combine room 

Combine Room 

Room size 2.4*1.5m (combined 2 standard rooms)

Rate 600 baht/night for 4 Guests (your cats only)

+ 1 guest charge 50 baht/guest  

Maximum 6 Guests


Garden clear glass view for a natural relaxation

Room size 1.8*1.5m (we have 2 rooms)

Rate 500 baht/night for 4 Guests (your cats only)

+ 1 guest charge 50 baht/guest

Maximum 5 Guests 

โรงแรมแมว, รับฝากแมว
โรงแรมแมว, รับฝากแมว

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